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Funky Feet Facts

Monday, 24 February 2014

Treat Your Feet

Want to know some fancy feet facts? Well you have come to the right place – not only that but we are going to give you some top tips on how to look after those all important body parts and have them feeling silky smooth by the morning.

Did you know…
In each of your feet there are 26 bones (however on some occasions people are born with an extra bone in each foot – like me – it’s nothing to worry about, however may cause slight discomfort when wearing shoes)
Each time your feet hit the floor, double the weight of your body will impact with the floor
Your feet contain around 250,000 sweat glands – resulting in them perspiring more than any other body part (each foot, per day, will produce an egg-cup full of sweat – kind of disgusting right??)
On average it is estimated that your feet will carry you almost the distance of going around the world 3 times!!!

Treat your feet…
Complete this treatment once a week and your feet will be looking and feeling gorgeous in no time!
Apply a layer of rich, intense foot lotion to your feet
Put on a pair of old socks (not your most favourite pair, make sure they’re not too tight around the ankles, you don’t want the circulation in your feet to be cut off). It’s time to head for bed, mmmmm
In the morning make sure you remember to wash off the lotion, leaving your feet silky smooth – but also making sure you won’t slip over (that could be disastrous)
Pop the socks in the wash, you don’t want to use them again until they’re nice and clean and fresh!!

Fresh Feet