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Nirvana & Pearl Jam we Rock Your Flannel!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Berty & Gerty Vintage are loving this 90’s come back. It’s true to say that we both lived through this decade the first time round. Nirvana The best thing about 90’s fashion is that it is so wearable whether you love to wear head to toe vintage or prefer a lighter vintage look; the flannel shirt is for you! Not only do flannels look great, but they also feel super soft next to the skin. Gerty likes to wear her flannel shirts as bright as possible under a cream arran hand knitted jumper, for extra warmth. Berty prefers to wear his flannel shirts over a long sleeved tee and tucked into a pair of vintage faded Lee Jeans. Pearl Jam Whichever way you like to wear your flannel they are a great investment to brighten up your grunge outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear your shirt oversized and un-done with the sleeves rolled up. Whether you want to copy the Nirvana or Pearl Jam Look, here are a few of our flannels in the B&G Vintage collection: flannel q flannel w flannelr flannele flannelt flannely flannel u