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The Summer Collection

Thursday, 08 August 2019

Express yourself with the new and colourful summer-limited collection!
The Summer Collection
As you probably already know we truly love to give a second chance to our unused bag charm, keyring and jewellery, for this collection we were inspired by this gorgeous and authentic Louis Vuitton pastille charm. The Louis Vuitton Multicolore Pastilles Key Chain is stunning, the charms are bright with pink tones make us completely fall in love for it.

‘’There is nothing more useless than a piece of jewellery that nobody wears’‘
What a sad life for that jewellery or in this case a bag char that never sees the light of day, so it’s time for Boutique Secondlife to take care of it.

1. Logomania

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If you love the Louis Vuitton logo well… welcome to the club! these necklaces have the same front and back so you don’t need to worries to put it right. The chain is stainless steel so it won’t tarnish over time.

2. Classy

The Summer Collection

Create a classy and unforgettable look with these amazing colours and pendants. The summer collection is a 10-piece collection inspired on romantic vibes with mainly pink tones and gracious pastel tones.

3. Inside the creative process
watch the full video here
In this video, you’ll find the entire process of our summer collection. it is mainly divided into 3 fundamental parts:

1. Authentication and verification of the pieces. this is the most important phase. in this part, we check the stamp and all engraved to make sure that we are working with real pieces.

2. Separated every charm carefully to avoid to damage it.

3. Choose of the chain: Chain has to have the same tone of the pendant so it llok as one unique piece of jewellery.

Hope you enjoyed this blog!


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