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African Clothing Summer Styling Guide... Be Bold, Wear Colour

Friday, 31 July 2020

Festival Fashion

African fashion is bang on trend right now. The colours and geometrics are perfect for a casual night out, dancing a way at festivals and even dressed up to go to work… why???? it’s all about how YOU wear it. Wear it with the confidence and pride of the African continent.

We’re going to show you about some simple tips to make your look pop. We’re going to give you the confidence to wear our clothing for any occasion.

African Clothing

Be BOLD this summer. Wear colour and culture and stand out from the crowd. Summer is the time to express yourself. In these hard times this is more important than ever. Whether you’re at home, or social distancing in the park. Our clothing will brighten up your day. We love these full African outfit looks!

Gold Festival Jackets

Keep it simple! New to African Print? Take it step by step. Chuck on a jacket and your set. They go with everything and our summer versions are perfect for the evening. Remember YOU own your style!

African Trench Coat

Have CONFIDENCE, its the key to your style. The above outfit can both be worn for any occasion, even work. They make you SMILE and that’s half the battle. Both these outfits are so simple, it’s amazing. A wrap skirt and a pullover top, that’s really it, so why not start dressing African?

Patchwork Shirt

For the more eccentrics out there. Go crazy… Colour Crazy. We absolutely love patchwork, and you will too. Our patchwork is made from 100% recycled offcuts, making it eco-friendly too. Just look at it! Its perfect for summer.

Whatever your style, African Print is worth a try, after all, the world needs brighten up right now. We aim to do this one article at a time. Read much much more about our story on our website, blog and social media channels.

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