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Brand New Collection: There's ALWAYS something to smile about

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Brand New Collection, African Coat, Patchwork Dungarees, African Jacket

Our brand new collection is here! And you know what? It will make you smile,,, guaranteed! We have some of our most colourful designs ever! Now you and your children can get matching African bomber jackets. You can stay colourful all year round with our patchwork parka’s. And you can keep on smiling with our new African shorts, our reworked dungarees, and some brand new gold dresses! We have got you covered… covered in colour that is.

African Patchwork Parka's Handmade in West Africa

You will NOT find anything like our patchwork Parka’s, anywhere! They are chaotically colourful, and for anyone who expresses themselves with colour, they are absolutely perfect! As always there is a hidden reason to smile in our clothing. These parkas give us the opportunity to be a little kinder on the environment, and they also provide extra jobs for the local community.

The patchwork is made from recycled offcuts from our standard collection. This means that its not just Omar (the tailor who makes the Parka’s) who benefits from the production of these. We actually have to employ 4 other tailors, to just make the patchwork. Mamadou is our head tailor for patchwork, and has been making it for 3 years. The patchwork collection became so popular he has now had to employ 3 more tailors to help him with it.

 Read more about our ethical production here

The smiles don’t stop here. The production of patchwork also minimizes our wastage, and therefore is kinder on the environment than our normal collection. Smiles all around with these Patchwork Parka’s then 😄

 African Clothing, Matching Kids & Adult Bomber Jackets in Mud Cloth Print

We have been hoping to get our kids collection out for years now. And we have finally done it. Now every new bomber jacket will be available in both kids and adult sizes! We are aiming to get a full collection of children’s wear early next year!

See matching jackets here

African Clothing, African Shorts In Orange Kente African Clothing, African Shorts in Yellow Ankara

Its always summer somewhere right! Our shorts are the perfect holiday wear and for those of you in The UK right now, they are perfect as lockdown lounge wear.

African Clothing, Festival Dungarees In Patchwork

These dungarees are by far our most popular product. Every single one is slightly different, and every single one will make you smile like Mary here!

Ethical Clothing, Adama, our Gambian manager wearing one of our bomber jackets

Remember it is not just you we are trying to make smile. We want all who work for us to be as happy as you guys. Most of our team have now been working with us for several years. 80% of them are now completely financially independent, all of them now know great english, and every single one of their children now go to school. If thats not worth smiling about, we don’t know what is. Thanks for reading.

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