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COSY x MNSR - The Well is Dry

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

“The Well Is Dry” fundamentally aims to communicate the experience of a young person leaving their home country to live abroad whether it be to further their education or pursue a career. Most people will only appreciate the individual before and after their journey but that period of transition, struggle, adaptation and inevitable evolution is often hidden. We thought it would be interesting to portray that story through different media one of which would be the clothing and hence fine art/graphic design.

Some words from Lamont Loeto:

Writing this excerpt has been the largest challenge to the existential wreck within me. Mainly because by the time you read this “The Well Is Dry” will officially be available worldwide and I can no longer take it back. It is the most self introspective piece I’ve ever dared to display thus far on a public platform for consumption and inevitable criticism. The sole aim with this effort was to initiate a dialogue on behalf of the person/people with whom it resonates. This offering focuses on a narrative that is esoteric in nature which, however, endeavours to speak to a wider conversation about loneliness, depression and emotional exhaustion in the most direct manner possible.

In order to achieve this, my affinity for abstraction came secondary to an incessant search for clarity through design and illustration. Collaborating with Cosy Style on this capsule helped refine the message from an amalgamation of non-specific thoughts and emotions into a less convoluted declaration. Upon cultivating a perspective, the desire to be intentional informed the majority of the pieces, most of which are still being made as I write this.

It is usually around this point where my lexical resources become limited and I begin to profess my infinite love for “fashion”, performance and visual arts. There are no amount of words that can express my respect for the individuals that actively and willingly participate in these media. These are not careers for the “failed” but for the fearless. That, however, is a separate exposé for another tirade.

On that note, I would like to thank Mike, Andreas, Nick, Kanono and Van SoulL for their exceptional efforts in creating this collection. For tolerating my occasionally chaotic creative process and accepting my nuanced ideas. Most of all, I would like to thank YOU, reading this. This entry, albeit poorly written, was intended to provide an understanding of this collaborative effort. Whether or not it was effective is solely dependent upon you but I will not take your support for-granted.


Lamont Loeto

Front Kimono