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Elsie X Queens

Friday, 11 December 2015

Last week we teamed up with the divine Queen of the Harpies- an upcoming brand based in Brixton London in a collaboration to showcase our new Christmas Goodies….. Elsie X Queens Queen of the Harpies Tangled Two Piece Elsie Nightrider Dress Queen of the Harpies Bandeau Bardot Dress Elsie & Fred Elsie Russian Roulette Dress Elsie X Queens The Razzmatazz V The Lauren Hutton Elsie Razzmatazz Dress Queens Alexa Blazer Dress Elsie Frida Jacket Queens Queen of the Damned Bra Queens Queen of the Damned Set Elsie Get Your Rocks Off Dress Elsie X Queens Queens Daphne Dress Elsie Hell Cat Jumpsuit Elsie X Queens
Shot on Location at Eckovision, 15 Atlantic Rd, Brixton
Photographer: Ryan Lloyd Haynes
Stylist: Leanne Laura Haynes
Elsie & Fred Model: Beth Lowen
Queen of the Harpies Model: Freya Hanif-Banks