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Sunday, 09 October 2011

Now, I am not exactly ojective on the subject of leopard and other animal prints! I absolutley LOVE animal prints IF they are chic and demure- not cheap looking and too much in your face!

In any case, I OFTEN lift my outfits by wearing animal print shoes, bags, scarves etc etc. Leopard print is my favousire, undoubtedly!

However, like I have said, it can sometimes look cheap and too much, so here are some suggestions of good looking animal prints and how you can wear them!

Leopard, tiger, chrocodile

70's boho dress- buy it now!

Navy cardigan and beige bucle skirt, 631 the ramp

denim and beige parka, leopard

orange dress, Vagabond Van, navy jacket 631 and beige bag 631.

immitation croc hard handbag

beige skirt, 631 and purpe short, 631. Sequinned tiger clutch, 631