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VEry interesting Sunday eve reading!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Im curled up on the sofa with the Sunday times (my favuourite magazine) and I am nose deep in the style supplement (my favourite, of course). There is a section on “How we dress Now” and it is very interesting reading! I gove you some qoutes:

“People are much more confident now with what they wear. I think what they want more than anything is individuality” – Caren Downie, Asos

“Women decide for themselves nowadays. There isnt One point of view.” – Lulu Kennedy

“Women doesnt want to be told what to wear, but they want help sorting out the masses of brands that are out there…they want to make choices that are right for them…there is the issue of intelligent purchasing…” – Tom Chapman, Matches

Working in the shop I have really notices women are not as scared as they used to be! They are much more willing to wear an orange cashmere jumper or pink floral jacket, items that were very hard to sell only about 5 years ago! Fashion is so much more out there and one of the things that has helped this happen is the age of the BLOGGER! so grab your laptops ladies and blog away! Show the world what you are wearing and be a source of INSPIRATION! we LOVES IT!!!