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Sunday, 06 April 2014


It’s been so long since we here at GULLYGARMS did a blog post to inform you guys and girls of new stock drops, what offers we currently have on and such.

So recently we had over 50 pairs (ranging from size 6-12) Women’s Levis 501 Shorts, Festival style cut off custom made. We still have plenty of these live on the site, however, the size 6’s are yet to be shot due to model availability with shooting them.

On top of this, we are currently re shooting a lot of our dead stock suede bomber jackets, rather than shifting for £39.99 as we were retailing them, we have axed the prices dramatically to £19.99 due to Summer being round the corner, so get them while they are cheap!

As well as this we recently shot a load of old school Nike, Puma and Adidas T-shirts, amongst other brands, and printed t-shirts, all of which are being slowly but surely listed to the site over the next 4-5 days roughly. On top of this, we shot the NFL Football Jersey tops, such as the Miami Dolphins Jersey Top which dropped last night, it’s crazy sweet you will have to check it out!

We also have over 100 items currently in the mid-season sale which will be ending on the 7th April (TOMORROW!) so get the bargains while you can.

As for upcoming new stock, we will be having more sweatshirts, track and shell jackets, a lot of your favourite Nike classics and one offs, amongst many other varieties of vintage clothing…this will be hitting the office shortly, and as soon as it does shoots will begin…so lots of stuff going on here at GG for you to get busy looking forward to and anticipate.

If you didn’t also know we are on Instagram @gullygarms which if you are someone, like me, who enjoys keeping abreast with blogs via pictures, follow us on there, we put up new vintage items daily that we have to come so you’ll know what hits the site before everyone else does!

As always, stay gully, and enjoy your Sunday!