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Embracing Your Uniqueness

Sunday, 06 September 2020

Just like the founder of Intimacy Designs, the LEGEND collection embraces its own uniqueness and allows its wearers to be proud of who they are because they have made a conscious choice to stand out from the crowd. Welcome to your kingdom.

Being yourself is not an easy task in these days of conformity. Whilst some might argue that social media and technology have made it easier to be yourself – we would argue differently. The ridicule that exists online towards those that dare to step into the spotlight is tenfold to what it was fifteen years ago.

The LEGEND collection embodies what it is to be unique. It allows for self expression through comfort and carefully structured, bold design. It is for those that have never fit in and for those that never want to fit in.


Women -

Style the white LEGEND sweatshirt underneath a loose pair of overalls with the most colourful pair of sneakers you own or with a pair of black bike pants and a crossover bag.

For a day to night look, wear the black Legend over the top of a skater skirt with some thigh high boots. Make them see you.

Men –

Style the black Legend with a light denim pair of jeans and a hat or the bottom half of the SMILEY set.

You could also try pairing the white LEGEND jumper with some dark pants and some jays – hero the sweatshirt and the shoes.

It is so important that no matter how many people knock you down, you never give up your uniqueness. Do you dare to be different? #legend

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Words by Lexi (@lexipartell)