leeds, UK

Indie fashion brand. Established in Leeds in 2010.

Return policy terms and conditions

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Firstly please request a refund. This can be done if you go to the options tag next to your order. Refunds can not be processed without one.
Refunds will only be issued if the item hasn’t been worn outside, still has its label attached and is sent back and received by us within 14days of purchase. If we receive the item after 14days of when it was purchased we have the right to refuse a refund request and may result in the item being sent back to you. Attempting to return the item after it has been used will not be tolerated and both refunds and exchanges will be rejected if attempted. We are not responsible for return shipping under any circumstances. Please ensure the item is sent in the same condition as it was received. Please include a note of your details, including name, address and date of purchase so we know who it’s from. Please take note of your tracking number in case of any shipping delays. Don’t not attempt to send any items if they have broken any of the requirements above, as you are at risk of the item being sent back to you.