Riga, Latvia

OMNI - represents a vision of the always-changing and always-evolving nature of our state of mind, and...


Sunday, 11 April 2021

Welcome friend!

This is a brief blog post to introduce you to my brand OMNI DESIGNS, so you know a little more about where you are shopping.

My name is Anna, but close friends call me Omni, as this is how I identify myself for over 7 years now. To me, being OMNI – means being everything at once and nothing at the same time, it means never stopping and always changing, it means grabbing and holding onto new ideas and vision. And this is the philosophy I decided I want my brand to adapt too, as I got more serious into drawing and making prints.


My current goal is to interpret my art and my vision in terms of fashion pieces, as I really want the person to see not just a piece of clothing but also the artwork behind it.

Your support on this journey truly means a lot to me and to the future of this brand. Even if you are just reading this post as your morning reading, silently following my Instagram account: omni.designs, or laughing at my TikToks – I am truly thankful!