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Happy Weekend eve Everyone! * I've been a PD Dolly for a few weeks now! :)

Thursday, 05 March 2015

Hey Peeps!
Its PD Dolly Destiny here! Before I started as an Intern at PD, I was really stressing out about what to do next with my life after wanting a career in fashion, but Uni not being for me . So I thought I might as well get some real work experience in Industry. I ideally, wanted to be based in the North where I live (lucky me!) so I started with TONS of research on local fashion companies!
I finally made headway when I came across PRETTY DISTURBIA/ ETRA DESIGN HOUSE which is based in Manchester City Centre. I had a look at the website and I was like <^WOW;) I love the PUNKISH, Quirkness and the unique style of the clothing, making each piece unique and special… as each handmade item is hand made or unique!

I have been here for 3 WEEKS NOW!!XX and I have enjoyed each day a great deal! Every day is different and packed with exciting tasks and challenges to do like designing, sewing, pattern cutting, Taking photographs of quirky /vintage and stylish individuals for our Alternative street style blog… (which is great fun as you get to ask where there outfit comes from and meet kooky people!)

Creating the OUTFIT OF THE DAY is one of my favourite tasks as you get to choose from the huge selection of vintage clothing and Handmade Pretty Disturbia collection and put it together including accessories, hats etc.

I Recently had a task to create and show off my creative side by customising a plain white T-shirt and turning it into something fashionably stylish with some scraps of fabric i got given. I thoroughly enjoyed this task so much as it totally transformed a boring plain item!
I have also help liist on Asos Marketplace and asist on shoots as well as design and make items for our latest collection!

I have learned a lot during just my first week SO IF YOU LOVE FASHION and Need work experience.. THEN PRETTY DISTURBIA IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!!
Anywho peeps, I hope you’re having a fab week so far! TTFN
Kisses from PD Dolly Destiny! XXX