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How I made The Harlequin Collar By PD Dolly Shaz!

Monday, 06 January 2014

How I made the Harlequin net collar/bolero

The net bolero is quite straight forward to make and is something which can be worn in many ways, so use your wild imagination to be as creative as you like with this net piece. Wrap it around your neck to create a huge oversized harlequin collar to exaggerate your neckline or twist it around your shoulders and tie from your back to give an illusion of wearing a bolero.
Net bolero
Choose a variety of fabrics, nets and shimmer fabrics which mould quite well. They will always work best and give good structure to your final pieces so try not to use fabrics which are very draped. Cut out 10” wide strips of fabric and keep the length as long as you can for more impact and ruffles, the more the better! The length I cut out was around 75” long. Once you have your long strips in a variety of contrasting fabrics. The next step is constructing it all together.
net shrug

Sewing the panels together

Now starting with the sewing, start with the net layer which is the one that catches the eye. On the hem fold under 4cm of the fabric and top stitch on the edge to give a nice neat finish to the hem. Layer the shimmer net fabric underneath this panel and stitch both together at the top and one topstitch line right in the middle of the width of the panel in order to keep the fabrics together.
pretty disturbia bolero shrug

Next is to ease stitch the top of the panel along the length of the fabric, once this is done, do the same again just 0.5cm next to this stitch line, so you have two parallel lines of ease stitch ensuring you don’t cut off the loose threads at each end. This is so that you can gather the fabric easily without any problems.

Now is the fun part, gathering the fabric is quite simple. Hold the two lines of stitching that is on the underside of the fabric and gently pull on it easing the fabric through the thread, this will eventually create beautiful gathers. I gathered the fabric quite a lot as I wanted the ruffles quite exaggerated. So depending on the length you had originally the fabric will shorten considerably. Stop gathering when you are happy with the length of the final piece, unsure that this will fit around the neck or where you want this wrapped around. Once you are happy with your ruffles and the size of your ruffled panel, tie a knot at each end of the fabric making sure the gathers don’t open out.

Now you will get a black ribbon and secure your gathers which you have just created. Using the sewing machine sew a long strip of ribbon onto the gathering stitch you did earlier so it is hidden. Make sure you leave long lengths of ribbon on each end of your panel because this will be needed to tie your collar together when worn.

The next part is to add another layer underneath this to give more fullness. This time I folded the 10cm piece in half and stitched a line to keep it together. Now you have a smaller piece which will add structure to your panel that you just created. You can now repeat the gathering process and do the same with this panel except this time instead of stitching ribbon onto the gathers to secure it, you will stitch this panel underneath the first panel you created so this will secure your gathers.

Now be as creative and you like and try out different styles this could be worn, and make different versions of these adding either more layers in different sizes to add even more volume.
net shrug spot pretty disturbia

Kisses from PD Dolly Shaz xxx