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How to: Making Gaitors!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A how to blog post for our gaiters!

A gaiter is originally a protective covering of fabric or leather for the ankle and lower leg but we’ve been busy styling and making them into something chic and stylish. Using a hand made pattern, two sheets of fabric, some velcro, a pot of pins and a pair of pinking shears you too can make your very own pair of gaiters to go with any outfit!

We started out by pinning our pattern to the 70’s fabric we chose and using pinking shears we cut out four shapes and then repeated the exact same with our chosen lining of some plain cotton!

The next step was to pin the gaiters together ready to sew, placing the right side’s together we pinned down what will be the front centre and only seam on both the patterned material and the lining. With a matching colour thread and a sewing machine we sewed down the pinned lines using the 3/8 seam allowance!

When opened out the pattern was a pretty good match with some cool mirroring!

Our next step was to cut four pieces of velcro (two front pieces, two back pieces) as this is used for our fastening. Once measured and cut we pinned them onto the front and back of the gaiters. We have chosen for our velcro to be concealed so its unnoticeable therefore we’re having it so its sits over itself, this means it needs to be opposite sides! One on the front of the patterned material and one on the back of the lining. 5

The reason we do this before we sew the lining to the front is so as little stitching as possible is on show. Once its all together you won’t see any of the back at all, all neat and tidy!
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The next step is to sew the lining to the patterned material, pinning the right side’s together we pinned along the top and curved bottom and again on the sewing machine sewed down the pinned lines using the 3/8 seam allowance.

Once this is complete on both gaiters we turn them the right way round to finish the sides, the first glimpse of a nearly completed pair of gaiters! (We pinned along the bottom and top just to keep it flat until the last step of top stitching, it just helps for more control!)

Next up we went back to the velcro ends, tucking and pinning the fabric back under itself we went back onto the sewing machine and top stitched along the edge of the velcro to keep it in place. This means no unsightly and unfinished ends are on show and its finished to a high quality!

The last but not least step is top stitching along the top and bottom! A top stitch is a decorative stitch that adds the finishing touch to the gaiters and allows the seams to all sit flat creating a top notch look!

And the finished product, some amazingly fashionable gaiters!

Thanks for reading, lots of kisses Pretty Disturbia xxx