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My Time At Pretty Disturbia From PD Dolly Rebecca

Friday, 09 May 2014

I am currently studying a Fashion Design Degree and took part in a 3-month placement at Pretty Disturbia to help enhance my career in the fashion industry. Within this placement I have taken part in a number of collections from concept to design to construction. I have also discovered some of the different aspects of running your own business.
At first I entered this placement wanting to do solely design but have been pushed into discovering many other aspects of fashion and the design process, this has opened many more windows in my future career in the fashion industry and made me really think about where I want to do and my aspirations for the future. It has also made me think about possibly starting my own business where before if any one asked me if id like to, I would of run a mile!
One of the main things I have learnt and will utilise is the importance of social media in running a successful and contempory business. From blogging to instagram to Facebook it all plays an important part on sales and popularity.
I have loved taking part in clothing swap shops and styling outfits for daily outfit of the day posts and have always felt that I was a valued member of the PD team!
It will be sad to say goodbye to my lovely PD Dollies but they’ve gave me a good push in the right direction and have gave me a new passion for my love of fashion! ;)
Kisses from PD Dolly Rebecca xx

Check out a look sheet i have done whilst interning at Pretty Disturbia :)
Rita Ora Look Sheet