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Stylish Transition into Winter Fashion

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Winter is approaching… okay so we know it’s Autumn. But we’re in England here people! If the suns not shining, ITS WINTER.
So you’ve got a cold, and all you want to do is stay in bed and not get up and do something productive with your day.

Here at Pretty Disturbia HQ, we have picked out our favourites to wrap you up warm in this wintery weather, to hopefully keep you warm and to encourage you to leave your cosy duvet behind for the day!

black mac

  • UK 10 – £20 Get it here!
    The classic mac. This style of coat is so feminine and flattering to all figures, giving the illustion (or if you’re already lucky enough to have it) of an hourglass womanly figure! We are also offering it in black, which is kind of a bonus because it goes with everything – I’d say this jacket is a loyal companion for the cooler months.


  • UK 12 – £50 Get it here!
    Leather with beautiful furry collar. Stylish and has a little snuggley patch which you can cuddle up to with that dry breeze! It’s also long, so has that extra leg protection from the nasty cold. Bonus.


  • UK 12 – £50 Get it here!
    From furry collar and cuffs, we now present THE ALL OVER. This faux fur jacket may be small, but it’s literally like being hugged by a baby bear. We know bears are dangerous animals, but you know what we mean…


  • UK 14 – £38 Get it here!
    This has to be my favourite ‘I don’t wanna get out of bed’ look. It’s down to your ankles and is pretty much the purpose of a blanket but fashion eye candy.


  • UK 12 – £20 Get it here!
    I was going to leave it there, but as I love colour so much I had to throw in this fierce pink number. It’s so so elegant and statement, and only £20! It’s worth it at that price, even if you’re only going to whip it out the wardrobe once a week. ;)
    Kisses from PD Dolly Emma xx