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Gypsy Soul

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Gypsy Soul Collection A/W ‘20
Her world is colourfully, vividly and magically patched with journeys, stories and lives she has met in new places. The wind caressing her face and touching the glimpse of her skins reminds her of where she has been and those she has yet to visit. The loose and flowing fabrics of her pants are like her free spirit soul, yet the smocks of her top tether together like her heart caring for the surrounding world. They all speak about her soul, one that wanders but is not lost, one that shines bright with the magic of traveller. Discover full collection

Gypsy Soul collection - Mahala co-ords

Gypsy Soul collection </del> Day dream top

Gypsy Soul collection - Naomie co-ords

Gypsy Soul collection - Gypsy Soul co-ords

Gypsy Soul collection </del> Selina jumpsuit

Gypsy Soul collection - Into the wild co-ords