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Friday, 30 April 2021

Well greetings, fellow reader! 🙋‍♀️ 👋
Welcome to our first blog piece! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Sophie ( RU$HWRLD founder) & yes today i’m writing all about confidence (thank you instagram poll voters!). In this blog I’m hoping to bring a whole new perspective/ approach to confidence as I think the true translation has been lost in the recent years.
(I also hope to bring you some clarity on this subject as the content of what Im about to write has truly worked wonders for me.)
SO! now that the pleasantries are out of the way, ill start with the bitter truth & tell you that even though i’m writing a piece on improving confidence, I myself have days where I feel extremely unconfident, completely ironic? Maybe. But it needs to be said. Hello bad days. 😑
Its important for me to add that bad days are all part of being human, it took me a long time to realise that, its just totally unrealistic to think we should be feeling our very best 24/7. I used to have a bad day then consciously make it worse by being further annoyed at myself that I was having one. As if I or any of us want to feel sh*t ?! So heres some advice when your having a shit day, just accept it for what it is & allow yourself to feel the emotions, ride them out then move on.
NEVER PUNISH YOURSELF FOR HAVING SHITTY DAYS/LOW MOOD ! Instead welcome them! See it as a good time to take step back & catch up on some much needed rest. Just chill the f out for a while.
Oh & Never EVER doubt yourself in the process. Ever. No matter what state of mind your in. How? Confidence, but we’ll get into that soon.
Slightly off track there but hey, some of the best advise I can give.

There is one thing I know to be true for sure. Confidence isn’t about looks, status or anything superficial, its much, much deeper & when you realise that you can do anything. Read that again. Again, the irony isn’t lost on me as its no secret I’m partial to a needle to the face, make up & other materialistic things -
& yes , those could be seen as ways for me to gain more confidence – but being truthfully honest with you, those add ons are merely because I like them, I do it for myself, not to boost my confidence. Do people get tattoos for confidence or do they just happen to like them? They just like them! It has to be said that I could walk around with no make up on, in leggings and still have confidence because I rely on my personality to speak for me, not my looks. Thats the beauty of confidence. And you’re going to start doing that too, I’m going to show you.
Now, this little piece of information i’m about to tell you is key. Not only is it the greatest piece of advice you’ll ever hear, its also lifestyle, that you need to start practising immediately.
Confidence is a state of mind. Nothing else. Heres an example, you go to bed at night with a mindset of plans/goals for the following day, you wake up, get ready for the day & go do them. It’s the same with confidence, you have to routinely program your mind into believing that you’re going to be confident & then go be it.
It genuinely doesn’t matter what you look like, what you have or who you are, if you radiate confidence it gets noticed & so does your personality.
Did you know that most couples weren’t initially attracted to one another when they first met? What does that tell us?
That personality alone can make you attractive to someone. That personality alone can set you apart from anyone else, providing you’re confident enough to show your real personality!
Heres another example, think of the under average looking guy who got the seriously hot girlfriend. How’d he do it? Maybe he’s funny?
Or was it his confidence? Both probably but you do need confidence to be funny.
So how is it possible?
Well, whilst I do truly rely on mindset, there are other things that can help with confidence, heres a list you can copy & paste -:

♥ Each morning when you wake you have go throughout your day acting confident, as if you were playing a part in a movie if you will!. Sounds psychotic yesh but it works.Walk with pride & like you own god damn everything.You’ll soon feel the shift. Trust me.

♥ Do something spontaneous , something out of character & worry about it later.

♥ Become more mysterious & intrigue the person you like. Delay that text back, be a bit of a flake. DO NOT make this a pattern though.

♥ Get creative, start a new project

♥ Do something totally unpredictable to your hair. – Girls, a new colour, cut, extensions yada yada. Boys, go for a 0 at the sides and be embrace a “bad boy” look . Be bold, assertive & impartial on your choice of style, its a guarantee you’ll love your new look.

♥ Read a self help / self development book – These are my favourite, total advocate for them- any genre! What-ever your “thing” is, (aka – what you struggle with or need guidance with) find a book about it & start reading. You’ll feel really positive about taking that step into self improvement & BONUS, get some really good advice or learn something really cool that could help you. Build that knowledge up & put it to use. Knowledge is also confidence. Total f-ing win win. Go buy that book!

♥ Stop caring so much for people who don’t matter- self explanatory. Stop answering to people. Stop caring what they think. Stop giving your energy to people or places that aren’t good for YOU. Stop trying to please everyone. You are your own person & you are in charge of you & your responsibilities, no one else. If you aren’t hurting anyone, you have every right to live your life the way you want to live it. Life shouldn’t be controlled for the sake of other peoples feelings. Stop caring and live for you & those who truly matter. F*** the rest.

♥ Be honest with people, find out where you stand

♥ F*** it, Spend ££££ on ya good self & enjoy it!

♥ Self care – baths, long showers, skin routine, nails – its pretty much guaranteed that if you look after yourself on the outside, you’re gonna feel good on the inside.

♥ Hire a skip & have a clear out

♥ Write down a gratitude list

♥ Write down a goal checklist and have them all ticked off in 5 days MON-FRI

♥ Speak up for yourself

♥ Be genuinely happy for those who are “winning”

And the most important,
♥ TRULY BELIEVE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TOO – this is so important. If you have a vision of what want to achieve , you really have to believe your going to do it. In your mind, visualise yourself as though you’ve already achieved it. Think of the emotion you’d feel. Try to feel it.Truly feel it. Excitement, happiness, relief, pride. Do this everyday.

& If you’re thinking “ehhh Soph, wtf has that list got to do with confidence?!”
well I shall tell you! Alot actually. Its doing stuff like above that empowers you.
The whole goal here is to step out of your comfort zone & challenge yourself to be the person you truly want to be. It is all within you so go & BE IT.