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☥ The Mystical Sand Dunes ☥

Friday, 05 February 2021

I’ve had this dream multiple times now, where my soul finds itself crossing an infinite desert, majestic sand dunes on the horizon, nothing but glowing stars shining through the darkness to guide my next footsteps. I can feel it, this cosmic energy that permeates through all things, its authority ruling over creation as a whole. And it feels as though I’m physically lightyears away. Perhaps I am lost… or perhaps I am being guided. I find myself walking through this desert often at night, listening to the night-sky as it whispers to me truths about the past, the present, the future, and the role that they play. I start to understand the importance of all players involved in my story, in the grand scheme of things. I understand that everything in space, and in nature has a purpose. My life flashes before my eyes, the love that I was given, and the love that I gave, the pain that I’ve caused, and the pain that I’ve endured, suddenly all seemed to have played a vital part in my evolution.

How quickly we are to judge without possessing all key elements to a story. How quickly we are to despise the ones who are unable to love us when we need them the most. How condition our love can be when we feel that we are lacking it.

As I stare at the vast infinity standing in front of me, I cannot help but feel a sense of cosmic serenity, and reassurance, that everything is exactly as it should be. That we are following the course of a story that was pre-written in the stars, and that the key to unlocking our next blessings, is acceptance of what is. Accepting the pain that we feel in the present moment without embellishing a story. Accepting our ignorance and the fact that we are missing key elements to understand the ones that hurt us. But mostly acceptance of our own journey and the vital part that we play in the world.

We are made of stardust, this I know for sure. And if we follow our heart, the compass of the soul, we will make it back to where we belong. For everything that leaves the Source, must return to the Source. Sometimes the journey is long, but it serves a purpose.