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Monday, 09 September 2019

Dear fashion friends, I am Szimonetta, designer and founder of Simonetta Sabo.
I am over the moon to be the part of this amazing Marketplace and I can not wait to share all my new designs with you.
As a new seller on this platform, I just wanted to introduce myself and my brand through my first ever ASOS Marketplace Blog post.
In this blog post, I write about the beginings and how I started this beautiful but hard journey to become a fashion designer.

Fun clothing for the fun loving

The begining
I have been designing professionally since 2013, although It has been the part of my whole life.
I was only a child in kindergarten when I started wearing my own designs. My grandmother’s sister was a dressmaker and she always had plenty of beautiful fabrics which I adored. She was sewing a lot of baby clothes for me and once I become a slightly bit bigger (around 4 years old) I started picking out the fabrics, I made drawings of clothes I wanted to wear and she sewed them for me. Meanwhile my granny was taking care of sewing fashionable clothes for my Barbie dolls after my drawings and orders. I think this is where all begun.

I grown up wanted to be nothing else but a fashion designer, I had no plan B. Even when it seemed impossible I was not willing to stop designing, since I was always the happiest when I could make all those fashion sketches to reality and proudly wear my creations on the streets and in school. The best feeling ever.

As I had no fashion schools near my town, my mom got a teacher for me to help me learn the basics of sewing and I took all the fashion history related books out from the local library. This is how I started. After graduating from an art specialised school, where I learnt as a painteur, I finished an NVQ course of Fashion and Styling in Hungary, meanwhile I spent a summer in the UK working for a fashion designer to get some more insights into the industry. After graduation I moved to London in 2012, where I got a job as a wedding dress maker, which allowed me to learn all the technical skills needed to create and sew luxury garments.

Working as  wedding dress maker and model for Naomi Neoh

Meanwhile I attended to several online courses and I had an Advanced Diploma from Fashion Designing. Mostly I was learning everything by experience. I had a lot of unpaid assistant jobs to learn more and I was trying to do as many smaller fashion shows and photoshoots as I could. I jumped into the business immediately and I learnt everything along the journey.

Photoshoot with Rod Leon and Henrietta Szentes

When I moved to London in 2012, I had no idea about where to start and how to start, what to do. To this day I do not even know how all these things really come together, things just happened. For my first ever photoshoot my boyfriend`s mom found a Hungarian photographer for me on a Hungarian Londoners facebook group. I was so nervous, being only 20 years old, in a new city and country, only knowing like 5 people. I did not even know how to reach out to people, what to do when we have a meeting and how this photography thing works. So I took my courage and I reached out to this photographer women and she was happy to meet me. She saw how a beginner I was, so she offered me to do this first shoot for free and she also gave some tips and helped me to find a model to work with. It just all happened like this, out of the kindness of someone else, who saw something in me.

First Photoshoot in 2012 with Nica Pereira and Gabriella Drummer Visual Playground

After the shoot, we went together to a fashion networking event, where we accidentally bumped into a bunch of Hungarian models in the restroom area, what a coincidence! After that, we started hanging out with the girls and went to networking events together where I started to get to know more and more people in the industry who I started to collaborate with on photoshoots and who gave me many tips of how to find events, fashion shows etc… I have to say, networking is the key! I hate going out and just do this networking thing since I am so socially awkward and I am an art weirdo, but this is really important. Getting to know people and listen to their stories and experinces was a great help for me, especially during those first years in town. This is something you can not buy, and this is the most valuable lesson.
I am beyong greatful to all these people who were there for me at the begining, their support and help made it possible for me to start this beautiful journey.

2013 Britain`s young designer award