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Why size doesn't matter

Thursday, 30 April 2020

I have been wanting to write this blog post for a while as I think a lot of people are put off buying vintage because it might not be the perfect size. I have been buying vintage clothes now for years and I never (unless its smaller) pay too much attention to the size of the piece.

The beauty of vintage clothes is how they are all one off pieces and when you wear your 60’s mini dress no one is going to have anything like it. So if it is say two sizes too big but you absolutely love it, I recommend you still buy it and simply get it altered at your local tailors or find a local seamstress to alter it, to fit you perfectly.

I have done this to so many vintage pieces that just did not fit right but I loved and knew I would wear so much, but was simply too big. Or even if I loved the print of a dress but the length was not quite right I would have it altered for a more modern vibe.

Now obviously there are things that would just be too hard to change like I wouldn’t ever buy anything smaller that my size or maybe 3 sizes too big but anything up to two sixes too big I would and just have it made to fit me perfect.

So are some of you thinking, gawd Jodie that is a massive effort and I really cant be arsed to do that, when I can just go to zara pick something off a rail and try it on, in various sizes, pick my size and be able to wear it right then. I get that, but trust me it is completely worth it when you have a wardrobe full of vintage clothes that has been altered to fit YOU perfectly. Plus you support local businesses by taking your clothes to be altered. Something which has never been more important.


Front Blue Dress Vintage Blue Dress back


Vintage Tailored Blue Dress Vintage Blue Dress Retro Back Tailored

I also wanted to talk about how we size are clothes here at SAV to make the whole process easier, so we have three models here at SAV, Pauline who is a size 6/8, Ringo who is a perfect size 8 and me Jodie I am a size 10. However we do have gorgeous pieces that are bigger that a 10 which I model but have clipped at the back so we can create a nicer picture. I just want to make sure people are looking at the size and our measurements and not just going by the model size. We also give a detailed description of the piece, measuring each garment flat, from pit to pit and shoulder to hem.

Also with vintage clothing and their original sizes do come up very small as everyone was much smaller back then, so we always say in the product description the modern size it would fit.

So there it is, I hope it has inspired you not to be put off a piece of vintage you have fallen in love with, but have been put of because of the size!