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We created a capsule collection of unique bomber jackets for Spring!

Friday, 06 March 2020

The Devil Wears Prada

Yes we know, Miranda. Flowers for Spring isn’t rocket science. But making Spring #trashionable is!

At JOA, we go with the flow of the donations we get and the pre-loved garments we source. We realised that lately, we had accumulated a lot of floral prints, so we decided to drop a floral batch, just on time for Spring!

JOA Bomber Jackets Florals for Spring Batch

Spring is another word for rebirth, renew. Everything blooms, and the variety of nature is all around us.

The concept of renewal and rebirth is something heavily promoted in the fashion industry, and this idea, originally found in nature, is currently leading to the destruction of our biodiversity.

We love the idea of renewal and self-actualisation, but we also believe that we can imitate nature by slowing down.

That is why for this batch, we created unique and durable bomber jackets, that will make you feel brand new and that you’ll keep for years to come!

They are now available at

JOA Bomber Jackets Florals

Caring about what we consume is one way we can support nature.
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