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How To Increase Your Self-Worth!

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

What you want to be can only be achieved in your actions, attaining a mind over matter type attitude is vital! So, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to help achieve your goals and be what you want this year!

1 – Less Social Media Consumption

Whatever it is you want to attain from life, aimlessly scrolling through Instagram isn’t going to help you get there, regardless of if you want to be a social media influencer; the key is producing content and research. This applies to any goal, sitting on the side-lines procrastinating will only bring you wasted days and disappointment if you don’t control it; if you’re going to pick up your phone, google something productive and can guide you, in our case it was ‘how to understand photoshop’ and diving down the Youtube rabbit hole.

2 – Control Your Thoughts, Or They’ll Control You

You have to understand the power of the mind. Recently, the term ‘manifesting your dreams’ has become a trendy idea & that is the easiest way of explaining how powerful your thoughts are, what you think about is brought to fruition IF you act towards it. Should you have negative thoughts about your works or yourself, you will produce poor quality work or destructive behaviours; think of it like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Controlled thoughts + action = wanted results.

3 – Toxic Positivity

This doesn’t mean wallow in self-pity and sadness all hours of the day, but it does mean don’t ignore or hide more negative emotions. We’re past the stigma that men shouldn’t cry, but as a whole we’re fed this artificial idea to ‘live our best life’ through various forms and it has created the idea of toxic positivity. Yes, work smart & hard in the ways that make you happy to live the best possible life, but you have to have equilibrium aka yin & yang. You can’t enjoy the positives without experiencing and acknowledging the negatives.

4 – Move Your Ass

You need to exercise, it’s not up for debate. Just walk a mile to start if you’re a couch potato, we’re not suggesting you go and run a marathon. It’s proven to boost quality of life, both physically and mentally for both men & women. Seriously, walking a mile will take you 15 minutes so you’re not too busy. Build a habit of it and explore other forms & see what takes your fancy. You might be a runner or you might be a powerlifter in the making, the world is yours Chico.

5 – Habits, Habits & Habits

To be what you want, you need to have patience & the ability to repeat. That’s where habits come in handy, you don’t need to lay out your day by the minute however. Set three goals for the day, you decide how hard they are to start, and celebrate a little when you complete them. The release you get from completing tasks you benefit from will become addictive, but you have to stick at it!

So there we have it, the start to a potential series of self-help guidance from us to you! Below is our current playlist we have going off all hours to keep the work ethic flowing, you’re more than welcome to have a listen while you explore the rest of the store here