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Delivery and order tracking

When you shop on Marketplace your items are shipped directly from the seller and not by ASOS Marketplace. This means that we can’t directly answer any delivery enquiries you may have – but your seller will be able to. For all your delivery based queries, you can contact the seller through My Marketplace using the “Send message” button.

When you buy an item at ASOS Marketplace, you are buying directly from the seller, who will be based in the UK.

Please refer to the product page to determine the price of delivery to your location. If you have questions about how long a delivery will take, you should contact the seller directly for more information.

Some sellers may not offer international shipping or may ship to a limited number of countries. Sellers are free to do this, but if you wish to see if a seller might make an exception and discuss shipping rates to your location, feel free to contact the seller directly.

Tracking Your Orders

Whenever possible, ASOS Marketplace encourages buyers and sellers to update the order status tracking information, allowing all parties to check the whereabouts of their orders.

  1. Sign in to your account using your email or user name and password, or sign in using your Facebook account.
  2. If you are a buyer, when signed in go to My Marketplace > Buying > Open Purchases. If you are selling the item go to My Marketplace > Selling > Open Sales.
  3. The list should show every item you have purchased (or sold) where the order has not yet been completed along with an order status. Completed orders can be found under Completed Purchases or Sales History.
  4. You may have the following options that show what changes you can make to the order status (if any) and you can click on the order to get more details.
  • Order placed: this means that the order has been placed and the seller has been informed, but payment has not yet cleared for the order. This may be because you paid with eCheque, which can take a few days to clear, or there is an issue with your PayPal account. Sellers should not ship items until a payment has successfully cleared.
  • Payment cleared: this means the item has been paid for and the seller has been contacted to ship the item. If they have still not shipped the item after a few days you should contact them to find out more information.
  • Request Refund: this means you have requested a refund from the seller. If you have cancelled an order that has already been paid for the seller will need to approve the refund. Items may not be cancelled after they have been shipped.
  • Request Exchange: this means you have requested an exchange from the seller.
  • Payment Failed: this means the payment has failed and you should try another payment method if you wish to purchase the item.
  • Refunded: this means the refund has been issued from the seller back to you.
  • Shipped: this means the seller has shipped the item.

I haven't received an item I ordered

If you haven’t received an order you should check the order status to see if it has been shipped. If it has not been shipped you should contact the seller to find out if there is a reason for the delay.

If it has been shipped you should make sure you have given enough time for the item to be delivered and then contact the seller to get an update.  If you continue to have problems we recommend that you contact the seller again to try and resolve the issue. Often communicating directly with the seller will resolve all issues and keep everyone happy. If however your issue remains unresolved, and the seller is not cooperating,  you can raise a dispute with paypal and request a refund.

The Seller has sent me the wrong items

As soon as you find out you have received an incorrect item; you must contact the seller so that they can organise a return.

You must return the original item to the seller within 45 days of receipt. PayPal reserves the right to charge the price of the replacement to the payment card used for the original order if the item is not returned within 30 days of the date on which PayPal confirms they will issue a replacement.