ASOS Marketplace Rankings

Products are ranked on ASOS Marketplace using a mixture of rules-based algorithms. The following ranking rules apply to both logged-in and logged-out users.

Search results

Results are ranked based upon relevancy to the search term entered. When multiple products have an equal relevancy score they are ranked from newest to oldest.

Category pages

Results are shown from newest to oldest.

Products will receive a ranking boost and will appear higher in the product rankings if they have recently been purchased by an ASOS Marketplace customer or if they belong to an ASOS Marketplace Boutique that is new to the site within the last 7 days.

Boutique storefronts

Results are ranked by the ASOS Marketplace Boutique. This is based on any visual merchandising preferences of the ASOS Marketplace Boutique itself. ASOS Marketplace has no involvement in determining this. The remaining products are ranked from newest to oldest.


Results are ranked by ASOS Marketplace. This is based on visual merchandising preferences of ASOS, including factors such as product relevancy, product imagery, product sales, social media reaction and customer searches. The remaining products are ranked from newest to oldest.

Sorting Options

You can sort your results in many ways to determine the order in which products are displayed. This includes:

  • Just In: Products are shown from newest to oldest
  • Price high to low: Products are shown based on highest current selling price to lowest.
  • Price low to high: Products are shown based on lowest current selling price to highest.
  • Recommended: Products are displayed by default sort order.
  • Ending Soon: Products are shown by how long left they have on-site before they expire.