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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

I have signed up using Facebook but I am unable to Log In.

Upgrade your browser to the latest version of Firefox or Chrome. Users have experienced problems signing in with Facebook with internet explorer or old versions of other browsers. If this does not allow you to log in, please ask us about it in our Support Community.

Do I have a contract with ASOS Marketplace

No, you pay monthly so you are not tied into any formal contract. Fee’s are dependent on your account type. See our Pricing for different ASOS Marketplace accounts.

What are the fees and when do they come out of my account?

Boutiques pay £20 Per Month and 20% commission on items sold. Each amount comes out of your Paypal account 2 days before your monthly launch anniversary date. Basic accounts do not pay a monthly fee, and pay 10% commission on all items sold. Please see our Pricing table for more details on our different account types.

Can I list items that have not been shot with ‘real’ photography?

Your main shot must use ‘real’ photography (find out what we mean by this here). You have 3 extra product thumbnails per item and you are welcome to use close ups or studio shots for these.

Still stuck? Try asking a question in our support community.