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All You Need To Know About Reworked Designer Jewellery

Monday, 23 September 2019

If you, like us, are a lover of jewellery (or simply you are newbie), here are some facts about reworked or upcycle jewellery that you need to know before buying or considering buying one.

Reconstructed or reworked fashion is used or vintage jewellery that has been redesigned into a new garment actually the word Rework means to make changes to the original version of (something).

upcycled from a Lv Charm to a Necklace

the real question is why should I go for a reworked item? Don’t worry, we have some answers to that.

Price: Some designer pieces can be extremely expensive and even considering owning one can seem impossible. With a reworked piece, you actually owned a piece that is coming from an authentic one without going broke. But how is that even possible? Here at boutique SecondLife we hunt for pieces of jewellery with many charms or second-hand jewellery for example: if the item costs 1000£ and it comes with 10 charms, we are actually paying 1000£/10=100$ per charm and we’ll be able to sell it for 150-160 to the general public. Chanel necklace cost so much, How can you ever justify such an expense? If you don’t then you should try second-hand jewellery or reworked items.

Uniqueness: Reconstructed items are appealing because it allows the designer to “stamp [their ideas] into an existing piece…and come up with a totally different piece” and because it makes unique.

Sustainability: Upcycling is using various different products to make something new, but not the same product again. For instance, you can upcycle your Louis Vuitton Keychain into a pendant for a necklace by separating every charm and adding a chain. This is giving a new life to an unused or old fashion item and extending the length of time you can use it. Recycling would be turning some earrings into a necklace. Other than getting a one of a kind piece for you, there are other enormous environmental benefits to upcycling items. Because upcycled or reworked items uses significantly less raw materials, it massively reduces the harmful impacts of fashion production. Such as less water usage, less chemicals and less carbon emissions. That’s what I call Planet Friendly

Usually, the first step into reworked is to find the piece to work with could be a charm, keychain, handbag, or any type of jewellery. the first step is the authentication of the item. the second step is to have a clear idea of what you want to transform the new garment. It is going to be a necklace, choker, earring? So after you design the final style. It’s time to deconstruct to reconstruct the item. Have a look to our youtube channel to see how we do it step by step here.

upcycled earrings

if you are considering to buy it, but you are not 100% if the item worth the investment then you should consider buying reworked first and then if you fell in love with it you can consider yourself to buy it from the store or If you are starting your jewellery collection and you need some basic pieces without spending all your saying you can considered reworked jewellery.

Only buy from reputable sellers: Never purchase high-quality luxury reworked items from an unknown or unverified seller online. Actually
Reworked jewellery can be tricky if you don’t know where the pendants are coming from. From example, Buttons are extremely difficult to authenticate and they don’t have any stamp or signal to help the vintage shop to authenticate them We do not work with buttons from that reason. We are buying only from items that we know are authentic because they follow the standards and guidelines of our authenticity guidelines. Chanel earrings can be authenticated with the stamp situated on the back, as well as necklaces or bag charms.

Hope this basic guideline help you in to find your perfect reworked designer jewellery. Not only will you save money, but you won’t be contributing further to the harmful impacts consumerism has on our planet.

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