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Boutique SecondLife: A brand. A Story Behind.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Making luxury affordable and sustainable.

It all began in early 2017’s when I and my partner, after graduating and worked in a marketing company in London decided to found our own company. One of the biggest obstacles to becoming an entrepreneur is the mindset many of us learn in school and from traditional jobs so we had to learn by doing many things, especially the web-design of the initial project but because we’ve turned our passion into our life’s work every little obstacle make us believe in our dreams even more.


It all started with a simple idea: to make luxury accessible. We were (and still are) passionate about luxury brands, so we founded a vintage shop. We have studied and learned to authenticate and recognize luxury objects. The requests grew more and more and one of the most requested bags was the Louis Vuitton speedy, but the lock supplied with the bag was always missing, so we started taking them separately and then adding it to the bag as requested by most customers. Then the turning point, our customers started buying only the lock and then asked if we had any chains to add to it. After several requests we decided to take the risk and change the core business: it was then that the Boutique SecondLife jewel was born.

Louis Vuitton padlock with keys


We believe that we can make a difference and Jewellery is part of our everyday style, so making smart sustainable choices can benefit in the long run, for both the planet and your pocket. Our first bestseller was the Vintage Louis Vuitton padlock necklace. We sourced all the finest materials to create chains that match the style and the color of our Louis Vuitton padlocks and the response was amazing. Our customers were and are in love with it.

take care of YOUR padlock Louis Vuitton

In our second collection, we decided to take a further step. Taking the designer’s pieces that were unused, too old or just forget by their owners, then redesign them based on future fashion trend predictions. Turning the past into the future. Another key feature is the price range, making it easier for conscious consumers to shop ethically and share those stories with you. It’s our way of doing things with transparency, we opened a Youtube Channel. Where you can see how creative progress is done.

accessories that make the different

Boutique SecondLife creatively found a solution for unused pieces. We created our own upcycle jewellery made only from secondhand items. Crafted from second-hand materials, this growing line of apparel and accessories aligns our passion for an original design with mounting concern for declining global resources.

boutique secondlife

Boutique SecondLife giving old fashion items a new life.

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