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Post Lockdown List

Monday, 13 July 2020

Lockdown has been hard for all of us. We are so used to having freedoms where we can come and go as we please. All of a sudden Covid-19 enters our lives and we are now restricted in our movements, and our lives will never be the same again. In the UK our lockdown is currently being eased and we can now venture out and visit a lot more places.

So what’s on your post lockdown list?

Here at CityMask we are desperate to get some ‘visual food’ and so art galleries and museum exhibitions are top on our list.

We would also like to travel more inside the UK and hopefully when things really improve we want to go dancing! 💃

Whilst we do have to adapt to a new normal by adhering to new social distancing rules and wearing face coverings, we believe it is important to try to continue to do the things that we have previously done and for us to try new things.

We believe that as sad and challenging as this period has been, we do have a great opportunity to change our lives for the better. We know that life in general can sometimes be a hard juggling act, which sometimes leaves us forgetting about and neglecting ourselves.

We would like to urge you to consider yourselves always. We also understand societal pressures and that sometimes we feel obligated to continue our lives as ‘business as usual’, even if we need a change.

If one thing that Covid-19 has shown us is that life can be fleeting (age not dependent). You owe it to yourself to make yourself happy. Once you’re happy, all those around you will benefit.

Don’t live in fear.

The fear of the unknown is a natural feeling, but we want you to now take your mind back to a time when the unknown was present, but you embraced it anyway.


Let’s say you planned to go out with your friends to the beach, you knew you were going to lounge, swim in the sea and have something to eat and drink.

Would you be scared to go…? Probably not, but why not?

You didn’t know what would happen during the day in-between your planned activities.

Irrespective, you went to the beach, met new people and had a great time!

So why do you have fear in moving on in your life now? When you know you should.

A wise person once said “How long is a piece of string?”

When will you make the life changes that you know you need to make…

Will it be in 2 days, 2 months or 20 years? Surely, if you feel now that you need to change your life, then sooner is better no…

Could one not look at a new chapter in their life as ‘going to the beach with your friends’ something that could be fun and exciting, as opposed to something that is scary and intimidating.

Don’t be a hero or a heroine.

Try not to live a life that is duty bound, you will most likely end up happy and unfulfilled, and that’s no way to live your life. ‘Strive to thrive, not survive.’

So now we ask you again what’s on your “Post Lockdown List?”