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Diary...Introducing Hannah Conaboy

Saturday, 27 February 2016

We Hung out with the beautiful Hannah Conaboy for the day, took some snaps and asked some questions

State your name:
Hannah Conaboy
Hannah Conaboy Elsie and Fred Model

Plan to take over the world?
Let’s just say it will be similar to the critically acclaimed Cats & Dogs movie from 2001 starring the one and only Jeff Goldblum

So, tell us what an average day in the life of Hannah Conaboy looks like?
EASY!...just ask myself WWBD (What would Beyoncé do?)

Elsie and Fred Denim Jacket

What 5 items you can take on a desert island?
1 Hammock
2 Knife
3 Sun cream
4 Solar powered iPod
5 Toothbrush
Very smart answers I know..

What is your go to outfit & why?
My go to outfit would be my high waisted wide legged cropped trousers…(black) and a good old turtle neck (also black)

Denim Jacket by Elsie and Fred

What’s your favourite piece from the Acapulco Nights collection and why?
The black Joesfina Dress cause it’s sick and sexy af

If you had to leave London in a frantic dash, where would be your ‘go to’ destination and why?
California because I’ve always wanted to go

Queen of the Harpie Crown
One Superpower?
To speak to animals… #DoctorDoo-little

3 songs you’re diggin’ hard?
Jeremih / Oui
Beyoncé / Formation
Rihanna / Work

90's Supermodel
Elsie and Fred Tie Dye Festival Skirt
Bell Sleeve Elsie and Fred Dress
What are you doing with the rest of your day?
In the words of bad girl ri-ri Work work work work work work ffwfbbwb qqbbdbqdb wuuaauauaw 🎶🎶🎶