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Thursday, 09 May 2013

my studio

I work everyday up in my little loft studio , its my favourite place where I am surrounded by all my collections, inspirations , materials and bits and bobs!

I studied Textile design at university and ever since I have worked freelance for designers beading and embellishing their collections, selling my own print and embroidery through studios and helping designer makers. I started selling my jewellery online before university and after discovered asos marketplace! I think its a great platform for designers/fashion enthusiasts to share their love for vintage or to showcase their own collections, which is what I love to do :)

I love the idea of merging jewellery and clothing as one, why must jewellery be separate? Jewellery has now become not just an added extra to an outfit but in most cases is the outfit. With the rise of statement jewellery and beautiful collars. So I am working on a collection which embraces these aspects, gorgeous collars, embellished clothing with added layers and contrasting fabrics :) So keep an eye out!
If your interested In seeing behind the scenes I post images everyday on my instagram page
where you can see my design progress, sneak peaks at new garments or just pretty inspiring images along with a few personal photos of my days :)


photo studio

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