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Monday, 13 May 2013

Collar Brooches

An outfit isnt an outfit without all the finishing touches!, Those touches are usually in accessories :)
Statement necklaces, rings, headbands! the more you can pile on the better.
More is More!!
I love wearing buttoned up shirts but they can look a little plain as they are so I created a range of collar brooches or collar necklaces :) to add that finishing touch to your collar !

collar brooches

glittery heart collars!

crosses and spikes!
bows and florals

How about a flower crown?
Everyone loves flowers and the effortless look of boho for festivals but why not add a flower crown as an everyday accessory! I created a range with delicate small foam roses for a more understated day look and also large statement rose crowns to create that summer festival vibe within your outfit and add a touch of summer!
red rose flower crown £14.50
pink flower crown £14.50
purple dasiy crown

I have always been a big fan of necklaces weather that be small danity pendants or oversized statement pieces.
I love to pile them up on a plain tshirt to add detail and embellish my outfit! Statement necklaces can really make an outfit different and transform your look. necklaces collar necklace reworked vintage statement pink collar necklace