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Printed Clutch Bag Collection!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

I am so excited to be launching a range of printed clutch bags all designed and made by myself in my loft studio in Bristol.
I have always been a great lover of photography , and in the past few years have been lucky enough to travel quite a lot so have gained some beautiful photographs that I wanted to share and incorporate into my designs.

Purple Lines
1 Interlocking Lines

The image for my first design was taken in New York on the famous Brooklyn Bridge , taking photos close up of the interlocking lines of the metal structure as it cut and sliced the new york skyline. I love the dreamy purples,blues and hints of pink that have come out in the print and then the bold dark lines that intersect it.

The Bristol
23 2

This image was taken over looking the Bristol suspension bridge, it makes the bridge appear mystical and dream like with the lights of the city blurring and the sky with a hint of pink! This clutch just reminds me of home.

Thai Sunset
5 4

This year I went travelling around Thailand with my sister and it was the most amazing trip, I took this image as the sun was going down on krabi beach , and I love the colours that have come through in the print and the dark outline in the foreground of the tree.

The Trees
7 5

I took this photo on Koh lanta beach in Thailand just as the sun was setting, the dark tree outlines really set off the colours of the sunset , I really love this image!

The Brooklyn
6 5

This was another image I took on Brooklyn Bridge in New york The lines of the metal structure cutting and piecing together the sky, full of dark purple clouds and a hint of red makes for quite a spooky but powerful image.

Colours of Brooklyn
5 5

This was another photo I took on brooklyn bridge which shows the imfamous bridge more clearly with a beautiful colourful sky behind the bold structure.

I wanted to create a shoot that would really show off the bags, so I contacted photographer Tori West who helped me come up with a theme so we could think of locations and looks for the shoot. To be honest we got a bit ‘Pin’ Happy on good old pintrest! but it proved such a useful tool for us to collect images together and also to show the model and the makeup artists what look we were trying to achieve –
As you can see from the pintrest board we wanted to try a few different looks , with make-up strong brows to emulate the bold lines of some of the bags, but also to inject some colour for example the teal lips! to bring out the small burst of colour within the bags. Location wise we wanted to create perspective using the lines of the city but also we wanted to contrast this with the tranquil nature of the water to encapsulate the Thailand and bridge images. In the end we decided on Cardiff bay which had a lovely mix of both! It was such a fun day working with other creatives , learning from one another and creating beautiful images.We even had to ask a few boats if they would move out of shot!


This was my favourite project I have created as it was a sort of travel scrapbook that I wanted to share in a fashion form ,I really hope you all love them as much as I do :)

Designer- Emma Warren (me)
Photographer – Tori West
Model – Nan Moore
MUA – Emily Porter and Sophie Brice
Location – Cardiff Bay