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'selling silk to buy the milk'

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The title says it all for how the journey started for Gone Retro,

Guess What?? things haven’t changed either, the only difference being is that the volume has increased, shirts are listed everyday to give you guys a chance to own one of our favorites from some of the stock we hold.
Some of our latest stock

plus more help is now at hand so more milk is being brought to keep all the staffs coffee happy.
Coffee coffee coffee

Still is and always will be one of our favorite retro items are the 80s & 90s shirts, Silk, Viscose & rayon are all a wardrobe must have in our eyes,
getting stock online no matter what the weather

we pick the best of the bunch for you guys that follow our boutique on ASOS, these shirts can be snapped up from as little as £18.00, small price to pay for an individual look.

Jared doing his thing

The best thing about owning one of these shirts is you can be assured its the only one left in this era, keeping you and the shirt fresh on the street.
Sarah in her area

How to wear??
Keep it plain and simple on the bottom and let your shirt do the talking!!
found a wall and sat on it!

no escape from fresh shirts at Gone Retro!!
three muskatears

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