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More Summer Essentials

Thursday, 17 July 2014

As the heatwave is approaching we are all sweating like olympic marathoners, there is still a way to looks trendy and fab while being practical :)

Do not forget to carry a bottle of water and the sun cream as well as the watermelon slice that you are fancying right now.

In this post we have selected a couple of our small rucksacks that are perfect for the summer if you dont need to carry all your wardrobe with you.

1) Tan Mini Rucksack/ Coco Mini Rucksack

leather rucksack leather backpack womens backpack 11

leather rucksack womens rucksack leather backpack small rucksack 12

2) Small Brown Leather Rucksack:

Slightly bigger than the mini rucksack, it is made for people who need to carry that a little extra bits! Amazingly hand made with eye catching stitching details and an unique complexion, this rucksack a true temptation!

leather rucksack womens rucksack leather backpack small rucksack my green bag 12

Keep up to date with more summer essentials to be posted soon. Browse our boutique for more designs!