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X-Factor x Owncharacter #Flashback

Wednesday, 03 October 2018

Now that the X-factor is back in full swing, we thought this is the correct time to share this memory we have of the program with you.

This memory is from a previous series of X-factor, when contestant Jack Walton was spotted on numerous occasions wearing our Brand, He loved OC that much nearly every scene he was filmed in, jack can be seen wearing Owncharacter.

For those of you who don’t know what X-factor it is, The X-factor is a singing competition that is shown on prime time TV across the world and it is very popular in many countries.

We were very proud to see our garments on TV, we take pride and pleasure in our design work ….

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Owncharacter on x-factor

Owncharacter x-factor

owncharacter X-factor

Owncharacter on X-factor

Owncharacter on X-factor