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Eco Friendly Washing

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Washing more environmentally friendly is not hard.

How to:

Always a full machine

Lower the temperature

Avoid tumble drying

No fabric softener

Go easy on the detergent

Wear your clothes more than once

The care label tells you how to best keep your favourites safe from harm, make sure you read it.

Please consider the environment when washing – colder water saves energy.

Wash colder

With some laundry detergents, you get just as great results even if you wash at lower temperatures – better for the environment and better for your clothes.

Higher temperatures don’t necessarily mean cleaner clothes.

By reducing the heat, you save energy and still get a great result.

You need:

An effective and eco-friendly detergent.

How to:

Follow the care label closely. Avoid the really long cycles on your washing machine and please consider the environment when caring for your clothes – colder water saves energy.