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Top 10 Jewellery Designers on Instagram

Saturday, 06 March 2021

Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes when designing and manufacturing jewellery ? Gain a backstage pass with this list of must-follow designers who share their tricks of the trade on Instagram .
If one is able to look past the overwhelming number of ‘selfies’ and salivating ‘foody’ accounts, it will become clear that an increasing number of jewellery designers are providing wonderful insight into their world via Instagram.
The photo-sharing social media app is an ideal platform for the jewellery industry as it offers designers a cost-effective way to showcase their latest creations on a global scale. What’s more, a recent study by research company L2 found that Instagram posts obtain a 100 per cent organic reach, with the 250 brands evaluated in the study finding “meaningful results” without needing to pay for advertising. But which jewellers are worth following?
The accounts featured below have seemingly captured an audience on a unique level – each providing a peak into the glamorous and creative world of a jewellery designer.
By posting carefully selected gemstones, alongside personal inspirations, these accounts offer an insight into a jeweller’s design processes and business ethos. The content is raw, exclusive and presents a comprehensive look into the person and ‘brand’ behind the jewellery. After all, many consumers are now searching for a story behind their purchases, and Instagram can help paint that picture.
The accounts can also provide inspiration for jewellery retailers. From styling tips, to beautiful campaign images, it would seem much can be learnt from these designers who are setting a benchmark for how to attract customers through social media.
Readers are advised to get their thumbs ready to hit the ‘follow’ button because Jeweller’s compilation of must-follow Instagram accounts (listed below in no particular order) is not to be missed.