Fashion not Fakes FAQs

What is Fashion not Fakes?

ASOS Marketplace operates a zero tolerance policy towards the buying and selling of counterfeit goods. We operate a Fashion Not Fakes policy to provide more information about and prevent the selling and buying of counterfeit items on ASOS Marketplace.

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What are we doing to prevent counterfeits?

ASOS Marketplace is absolutely committed to protecting our buyers and sellers from counterfeit goods. We have Fashion Police Officers monitoring the site daily, looking for any counterfeit items and dealing with any items our community flags as a potential fake. Our Fashion Police Officers look incredibly closely at each item uploaded to Marketplace, and will often request more information & photos from sellers to prove an items authenticity.

Use the ‘Report this item’ tool on every listing so any marketplace user can instantly let us know if they are worried about the authenticity of an item. Reporting is an anonymous process, so if you suspect anything at all, let us know. You can also email us at, including a link to the item.

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What do I do if I think an item is counterfeit?

You have the ability to report every boutique on the site. Use your power! Even if you’re just suspicious, it’s better to speak up. Click "Report this item" on the boutique's listing page (lower left corner) and send us a message.

Alternatively, mail us a link or an anonymous tip off to

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What do I do if I receive an item that I believe to be counterfeit?

If you have bought an item from Marketplace and you believe it is a counterfeit, you must first contact the seller to request a refund. If you do not receive your money back from the seller, then you are able to raise a ‘dispute’ which will notify our customer care team. When you raise a dispute, select the reason from the drop-down menu that states ‘I believe this item is counterfeit’. This will formally alert the seller that you have had an issue with the transaction.

Once a dispute has been raised, and the seller continues to be uncooperative, you must visit PayPal's resolution centre to seek financial resolution.

As with any transaction, please use your ASOS Marketplace Feedback page to review the seller's product and service .

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Why has my item been suspended?

Your item has been suspended as we believe it has violated the ASOS Marketplace Terms & Conditions in some way. We will be in touch immediately, via email, to explain why your item has been suspended. If you believe there is a problem, or you have not received an explanatory email regarding a suspension, please send us an email on

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What happens when my item is suspended?

If we suspect your item is counterfeit, or you have not provided enough information in your item listing, we will email you requesting more images or information. If you do not respond to our request in 5 days your item will be permanently removed from ASOS Marketplace.

Once you have provided us with more information or photos, we will confirm the authentiticity of your item and reinstate it into Marketplace. If we believe your item is counterfeit, or we cannot be completely sure that your item is genuine, it will be permanently removed from ASOS Marketplace.

If your item has been suspended due to the photography, please email us at when you have changed the images so we can reinstate your item.

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What happens if I am caught selling a counterfeit?

ASOS Marketplace operates a zero tolerance policy to the selling of counterfeits and your item will be suspended until we have resolved the issue.

If it is decided that your item is not counterfeit, it will be reinstated on ASOS Marketplace.

If the item is found to be counterfeit, or we cannot guarantee its authenticity, the item will be removed from ASOS Marketplace and we may take further action against the seller and report such incidents to the authorities.

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What if I was unaware the item I listed was a counterfeit?

It is your responsibility to ensure that the items you are listing are authentic. If you cannot verify the authenticity of an item, it cannot be listed on ASOS Marketplace.

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Can I use images or logos owned by other brands?

If the item you are listing is not made by the brand, you may not reference them or use any brand logos or other properties when listing your item. This is copyright infringement and your item will be suspended from ASOS Marketplace.

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Can I re-post an item once it has been suspended?

If an item is suspended or deleted from ASOS Marketplace it is because it has violated the ASOS Marketplace terms and conditions or the images you have uploaded do not fall in line with our photography guidelines. If you have been asked to change images or descriptions, you may edit your item in My Account > Listings > Manage items. You may not re-post any counterfeit items if they are still being investigated or have been permanently removed from Marketplace, and if you are found to be doing so your Marketplace boutique will be suspended.

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Can I list an item as 'faux-brand', 'brand-like' or 'brand-style'?

No. Listing an item as an imitation does not stop it from being against the law. Your item will still be suspended and you may still be reported to the authorities.

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What will happen if I repeatedly list counterfeits?

ASOS Marketplace has a strict zero tolerance policy. If you repeatedly list counterfeits your boutique will be terminated and we may take further action, including notifying the authorities.

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