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Spring Watch: Scarfs

Monday, 14 March 2016

The must have accessory for me this spring is scarfs. Skinny scarfs/cravats/knits anything you can wrap you neck in.

Skinny scarfs are especially popular in women’s fashion at the moment but that is no reason as to why us men can’t get on board. I happen to find this look extremely cool, think Jagger or Noel Fielding. Noel is arguably the King of accessorising. Be it a feather boa or a tie he almost always uses his neck area as the focal point of his outfits. Which are often garish to the extreme.

Here I’ve gone for the more subtle approach of a basic low scoop white tee from topman and a topshop boutique leather jacket. Simple and easy look but finished off with a topshop £2, yes £2 skinny scarf makes the outfit far more exciting. A sort of rock and roll androgyny ready for a night grooving about town. (Excuse the pout I was summoning my inner zoolander) #bluesteel

Sam pout

Another option is the cravat. My favourite scarf at the moment is one I got from Nick Grimshaw’s range for Topman. It works with so many outfits and can be worn multiple ways.


Here it is worn very relaxed with a simple low loop. Again a topman black scoop tee and a topshop suede Mac. Perfect for any time or place.


Or a bit of the mod look and wear it high to the neck with an all black outfit, let the colour in the scarf do the talking, although I have added in my favourite bit of detailing in fringing on this H&M suede jacket.

I’m currently building my scarf collection for this spring as I feel they really are the must have accessory. I find a trip down to Best Days Vintage is always great for my scarf needs. A great collection of the funkiest of patterned scarfs/cravats. Check them out.

Big Love ✌🏻️