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100+ Watches for £9.95 or less!

Monday, 28 October 2019

100+ Watches for £9.95 or less!

Spoiler alert: we’re picking our favourite watches for £9.95 or less. Wow!

With over 100 watches for £9.95 or less, it can be hard to pick a favourite. Here we pick six superb styles!

Gold Numbered Watch with Date – pictured
Watch with date, for £9.95? Yes please! Superb daily-use watches that simply does the job.

Compact Plain Face Watch with Date
Available in black or brown, this superb watch pairs a beautifully simple face with a silky smooth silicon strap. Wear it and try telling yourself it was only £9.95!

Slim Sliver Loop Strap Watch
Loop strap watches continue their popularity, this one combines silver, white and navy for a great look. And a true grab at just £9.95.

Wear & Share Set of 2 LCD Watches
Making waves since 2012, you get not one, but two superb LCD watches for £9.95. This is our fav colour combo, but we’ve also got many more for just £9.95 a pair!

Vintage Style Numeral Watch
We’ve seen some other sneaky sellers charge double for this! Not here, it’s just £9.95, and the same super quality and classic styling.

Classic Rose Gold Watch
Where else can you get a quality classic look watch fitted with a Swiss-made Renata cell for 4-year battery life? And only pay £9.95? Come on in!