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That's right! Unisex on the agenda!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Let’s face it girls- we have all been there! We have at some point in our fashion lives found ourselves rummaging around in our boyfriends wardrobes for that perfect men’s shirt (to wear as a dress, naturally) or those perfectly loose fitting boyfriend (literally) jeans. And lets not forget the knitwear! Nothing beats a slouchy cardigan or Jumper!

in fact, I have graduated from the wardrobe rummaging and I sometimes trawl the men’s departments and online boutiques for goodies, as does many of my friends!

As for the boys, well it may not be as common, but mark my word, it is becoming more frequent for trendy lads to easily slip on their girlfriends skinny jeans or knick that cool printed vintage tee! My other half have claimed ownership over no less than 3 items from my side of the wardrobe! No shame, only Gain!

SO, that said, we would like to encourage UNISEX fashion, and therefore, we happily show you some of our items that works for both the boys and the Girls!

red levi's shirt
This Levi’s shirt is a classic – for boys and girls! with skinny’s or shorts even! Bang on!

Vintage Trench coat

Vintage trench coat

This Vintage Trench Coat looks amazing on – as you can see – on both sexes! Girls- buckle it up tight while you boys look suave wearing it loose! Bargain!

vintage levi's jeans

Last but not least, another Levi’s piece! This time the classic 501 have adorned bottoms on both sexes since the dawn of this classic Jean! And so lets continue the legacy!

Happy Shopping!
631 team