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GTL: The pieces we just couldn't sell

Monday, 28 July 2014

GTL: The pieces we just couldn't sell

Every now and then we earmark a piece that we’ve seen in our order confirmation form from our forthcoming consignment.

The red Parcelforce van pulls up in the drive. The driver awkwardly sits there for what seems an inappropriately long time. He eventually trundles up to the door (with our box which often seems too big and too heavy for the little fellow).

We give the signature on the fiddly machine which he doesn’t look at or check. We know this because last week our signature was a flaccid penis – still a classic.

More often then not what we had earmarked doesn’t suit us or doesn’t quite fit right. Sometimes something else jumps out to us that we like.

This little blog will give you a quick rundown on some of the (in our opinion, wavy) pieces we just couldn’t sell.

Click on each photo to see the anecdotal story we have for each piece!

This tattersall check Tommy Hilfiger shirt is vaguely reminiscent of Burberry's 90s Nova Check. These Tommy shirts are some our biggest sellers </del> we love the classic American 90s heritage emblem!

This England top was perhaps the most beautiful the Three Lions have ever donned, or more accurately, never donned. This was the Italia '90 third kit which was never worn during our famous run to the Semis. Palace remade a limited number during the 2012 Euros. The shirt was worn with optimism at Parklife, but didn't leave the suitcase at Hideout...

This velour cotton long sleeve polo neck shirt is a personal favourite of mine, with that sultry hue of purple on the velvet-like fabric. Bit too warm on heavy nights out; I sold myself short at Bristol's Motion earlier on in the year...

This equestrian themed ball & chain silk bomber is the first port of call when looking for a lightweight jacket. We've gone on to sell a few more of these, but they're like gold dust </del> very hard to source.

As soon as we got wind of a Christian Dior track jacket we knew we were onto a winner. Managed to arrive in time for Sankeys Studio 338 opening back in March and been cherished ever since. We've sourced two more of these lately, both flying off the rails within a day.

One of the first pieces I kept way back for my 21st in Feb 2013. Again a bit too hot for Birmingham's Rainbow Venues, but an essential heavyweight Ralph Lauren denim shirt. We've managed to source almost 10 more of these style shirts for you guys since!

So there you have it! An insight into a few pieces that we’ve fallen in love with.

In total honesty, all the pieces we’ve sold to you lot we’d proudly wear anyway.

And to the lad who’s just copped that XXL embossed Tommy Hilfiger T, great timing, I’ve been looking at it for a few weeks and almost decided to keep it today!