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GTL: What's in a name?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Reflection is a very powerful form of catharsis.

Over the past few weeks since graduating, and wondering what on earth we’re going to do with our lives, we have to admit we’ve been very fortunate to have you lot; buying our clothes – putting food on our proverbial tables and what not.

This little endeavour we started during our second year at Uni has surpassed all expectations we had.

Now however, we’re off to London for the working world and it feels like time to come full circle, back to the original studio, back home, GU24.

Big shoutout to for everyone who has supported GTL, thank you, and as from this week, we will be operating under GU24.

Our new social media handles:

Insta: GU24insta
Twitter: GU24tweets

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