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How To Layer Clothes: A How-To Guide For Layering This A/W

Monday, 17 October 2022


How To Layer Clothes: A How-To Guide For Layering This A/W

It’s the szn of layering. It’s cold outside but your office has you sweating buckets and your Instagram explore page and TikTok FYP is filled videos of girls throwing coats over jackets and you have no idea what to wear… Sound familiar? Well look no further, today, we will teach you the secret of layering.

Bottom layer

This is the key layer because it is the first layer. This will set the tone of your look so pick wisely.

The typical formula is:

A thin, fitted top if you will be wearing an oversized/baggy outwear and a baggy top if you will be wearing a sleeveless or thin outerwear.

Here are some examples of what the bottom layer could be:




This will need to compliment the bottom layer and the next layer (if there is one). If you have a fitted top on, then opt for a blazer or a cardigan and if you have a baggy top on then opt for a thin jacket or a gilet.

Below are some examples:




This isn’t always necessary. If you are happy with your gilet and jumper, then you don’t need to wear anything else on top but if you are wearing a blazer or cardigan then you can add a long coat on top: trench style or leather or even a maxi puffer. This will be highly dependent on the weather and your mood!

Here are some options on our website:



black coat

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve not mentioned about your bottom half! We will cover that now. The bottoms create the silhouette so choose wisely. This could range from skirts to jeans or joggers, whatever tickles your fancy.

Here is a few examples: