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Kayooli: plants, plants, plants (2)

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

If we spoke about yarn? Yarn? Really? Plants or yarn? Is this post driving crazy? Not really… In fact, our yarn is only made of plants: recycled or organic cotton, linen mixed or not with cotton, hemp, bamboo… and even eucalyptus! We love the effect of these natural yarns, you can wear them on the beach or at the pool but also in everyday’s life like a bodysuit or a top.

We also like to add a touch of glitter because being respectful of nature doesn’t mean boring! So, you can find gold, silver and some other metallic colors, obtained with polyester, recycled from plastic bottles. Don’t worry your Kayooli product is sustainable!

Every yarn that we use has its own properties, that make it be more or less soft, mate or shiny, silky… Nature gives us infinite issues! And if you choose to realize your swimsuit with some yarn coming from a plant that you really like? We love to make your dreams come true so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want a swimsuit with another yarn that the one that is sold. And if you weared a swimsuit in linen like the rest of your wardrobe?

So, the next swimsuit you are ordering is made of what kind of plant?