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Quillattire is real, it speaks the truth. It’s streetwear with a sustainable twist. It represents the...

Quillattire Showcases Ready to Wear Up-cycled Collection During London Fashion Week

Friday, 20 September 2019

So as part of The Princes Trust i was asked to help backstage at a Fashion Show during London Fashion Week which i agreed to, later down the line 2 weeks before the show i was asked if i would like to show case my collection to which i was thrilled and jumped at the chance Upcycled Vintage Levi Jackey

The whole collection was made from 2nd hand charity shop finds and vintage goodies.
The collection was designed to help encourage sustainable fashion and show case we can up cycle and reuse rather than throw away and pollute the planet.I have used transcripts such as Hindi, Japanese, Chinese and English to showcase unity and encourage if we all worked together on this we can make a change.

Quillattire is all about helping and encouraging unity – everyone is equals and we all aligned can make such an impact to our world! I have spoken to many friends and taken part in discussions and its fascinating that most people are not aware of the global impact fast fashion is having on our planet and species, its not their fault but the people in the industries job i feel to try an educate. People think fast fashion is ok as its cheap and makes them look good but the facts are not being promoted by these brands. My mission to create this collection in 2 weeks and get it onto the runway in front of eyes was to showcase that reusing is cool – and look at what you can create!

Please support the brand if any of this inspires you to make a change! :)

Thank you to Wework and Fashion Futures for making this come true.