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Monday, 23 December 2019

If there’s an item that should always travel with you, it’s your sarong. Here are some moments where it’s useful:

1- Going to a hot destination that’s too warm for clothes? Your sarong is ideal to wear as a dress; it’s cool, light, comfortable and stylish at the same time. The ideal Summer beachwear.

2- Protect yourself from the Sun. Can’t get enough beach time but the Sun is too hot to handle? Avoid sunburn and ruined holidays by simply pulling your sarong over your shoulders or chest. Alternatively, hang your sarong between sticks pressed into the sand for perfect cover from the Sun.

3- The ideal beach towel. Light to carry and quick to dry is what makes your sarong the ideal beach towel.

4- The perfect shopping bag. Forget about carrying shopping bags. Wrap your groceries in your sarong – the perfect shopping bag!

5- The perfect pillow. Doubling as a spare pillow for your room, the beach, or the pool. Roll your sarong into a pillow and relax!

6- A shawl for your cool evenings. When it gets cool or breezy, pull your sarong around your shoulders and continue to enjoy your evening!

7- Visiting a temple. Your sarong can easily be worn to cover your hair, shoulders or legs as a mark of respect to local customs and religion.

8- A wonderful picnic rug. It’s a beautiful day and you’ve found the ideal spot to picnic. Don’t lose the opportunity – use your sarong as a blanket for your meal and to take a nap after.
Your sarong always travels with you